“I have had memberships with Treehouse, WPSessions, First Version, and Pippin Williamson’s site. They all provided value to my career, but Know The Code has helped me attain a new level.” James, Pro Member

Go Pro. It’s time for you to excel.

What You Gain Here

  • Build any theme or plugin from scratch…by yourself
  • Gain deep mastery of WordPress Core and its technology stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, and more
  • Gain deep mastery of programming fundamentals
  • Develop and fine-tune your problem solving approach
  • Develop and grow your programmatic thought
  • Master building highly readable, reusable, and maintainable code, using the SOLID principles
  • Build well-architected projects, as you learn deeply about software architecture
  • Develop and hone your testing skills to produce high quality,
    well-tested products
  • Gain rapid web development processes, which empower you to build your projects in days and not weeks or months
  • Hone all the above to make you better, faster, more efficient, and more effective
  • Significantly increase your marketability and earning potential

“In a nutshell, Know the Code explains everything much clearer than any other online tutorial sites. KTC explains the WHY part of programming while most other tutorial sites just tell me WHAT and HOW.” Vincent Yu, Pro Member

Go Pro. It’s time for you to excel.

What Makes Know the Code Different?

Know the Code is very different than other online e-learning sites. Let’s talk about what makes us different. Ready?

It starts with your teacher, Tonya Mork. She is a master engineer with three decades of high-tech experience. She breaks it down into easy-to-understand terms and processes for you. She makes it relatable.

We are focused solely on helping you to be capable of building anything in code.

Relatable. All of our content is WordPress-centric. Even when you are learning about SQL, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, and other language/frameworks, everything is presented based upon a WordPress specific website.

We deeply explain the why, when, what, and how of programming and web development.

We teach you programmatic thought, problem-solving, and how to get that computer to do what you need it to do.

We teach you the fundamentals of programming including proven software principles, clean coding, methodologies, languages, practices, and so much more.

We teach you adaptable knowledge and skills.
Forget about learning how to build a particular theme or metabox. Your specific project’s needs will be different. You need adaptable knowledge. While you are actively building a theme, metabox, a custom post type, a plugin, and everything else here, you are learning the why, when, what, and how. You are learning how to adapt it for your own needs. That is powerful stuff and the essence of true education.

We teach efficiency. In order to be successful in this profession, you have to be efficient. Building quality code quickly sets you apart.

We teach clean, quality coding principles and methodologies. These include readability, reusability, and maintainability principles. You’ll learn how to refactor, build code that is DRY, single responsibility, purposeful, and lean. We marry the SOLID principles with Tonya’s decades of experience to help you build quality code in less time.

We teach you the languages, frameworks, and WordPress Core. You get to reverse engineer Core, for example, to fully understand it.

And we recommend other e-learning courses when it’s applicable. There’s no reason for us to teach everything if a quality program already exists that meets our criteria.

Meet Your Teacher – Tonya

Tonya Mork - Tech Leader. Engineer. Educator. Author.Your teacher is Tonya. She’s an accomplished electrical and software engineer, leader, author, and mentor. For over 3 decades, she’s been engineering, developing, and leading high-tech, enterprise solutions for the world’s largest manufacturers. Her passion is developing developers, engineers, and architects, like you.

She’s a complexity translator, with the unique ability to break it all down into relatable and understandable terms for technical and non-technical people.

Click the button below to hear her introduce herself to you.

Meet Tonya

Our Contributors

May 2015 I started WP Developers Club with the mission to help WordPress developers grow in this software profession. Along the way, many people helped shape what is today Know the Code. Let’s meet them:

and so many others.. Thank you for everything! You guys rock!

We're giving you the keys to build whatever you want in code.
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